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|Harmony shipper| I never know what to say about me, so...yep.
  • Bill: Just recently someone asked me what I do and I told him that I’m a photography student and he said: “No way! I’m a photographer!” I just thought: “Shit!”. Then he started asking me what my favorite camera and camera lense was.
  • Tom: Did you tell him that your favorite camera is iPhone camera?
  • Bill: (laughs) I always asked myself what’s realistic, what they would believe when I told them.
  • Tom: I always tell them that I’m a czech pornstar.

So I think Tom taught Bill this dance move xD

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This is what he does to me

Yes, me and my huge penis! I’m just looking for a stage name. Maybe Tom Long Dong!
Tom Kaulitz new solo career.  (via calitomnia)

Best of Tokio Hotel TV Season 03: Tom Kaulitz aka a Princess With a Beard


two blondes in view

….and liked what he saw  e.e

but …. if Ria was jealous, something like this would happen.

and then the expression would not be the same …


you make my day <3